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Dentures & Partial Dentures

Dentures and Partials

Regardless of how you may have lost your teeth, replacing them with a quality prostheses will improve your appearance. Additionally, taking this step renews function, allowing you to eat and speak with greater ease. Whether you are missing all your teeth, or a smaller section in your arch, there are quality artificial tooth appliances made to look and feel as close to your natural smiles as possible.

Dr. Sara Kassam and our staff at Sandia Dental Care provide dentures and partials in Albuquerque for our patients wanting to fill the gaps in their smile. If you have missing teeth and would like a friendly and knowledgeable team to help explain your replacement options, give us a call today!

Your Denture Options

When all your teeth are missing, full dentures restore function and aesthetics to your smile. Our office takes precise impressions of your jaw so our trusted local lab can manufacture your dentures to exact specifications, proving a comfortable fit, and leaving you confident to show the world your smile.

Conventional Dentures - Our patients have the choice between conventional or immediate complete dentures. Conventional dentures follow the traditional treatment plan. After allowing proper time for the gum tissue to heal from the extraction procedure, your conventional dentures can be placed. It may take a few weeks for you to become accustomed to your new replacement teeth, and we recommend notifying us if any persistent irritation exists.

Immediate dentures – These are manufactured before your teeth are missing so we can place them immediately after your extraction procedure. This allows our patents to avoid the inconvenience of being without teeth while healing takes place.

Partial Dentures - If you have some natural teeth remaining in your smile, a partial denture can fill any empty space left by extracted teeth. The partial denture not only enhances your smile, it helps maintain uniformity by preventing the remaining teeth from shifting into the gaps.

Post-Treatment Care

After you’ve been fitted for dentures or a partial denture, Dr. Kassam ensures you have proper care instructions for your new appliance. To make this tooth replacement option most beneficial, we recommend you practice good oral hygiene and keep regular appointments so we can maintain, repair, or replace your appliances as needed.

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Dr. Kassam and our dedicated team at Sandia Dental Care offer a personalized approach so they can provide you with a customized and affordable path to a beautiful smile. We provide dentures and partials in Albuquerque for our patients with missing teeth. If you are seeking this treatment, call us today to set up an appointment.

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